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Our Mission  ...........  "Bringing outstanding female, minority and other diversity talent together with equally outstanding and proactive employers who have career opportunities"

Job Posting Information and Rates


Proactive employers and search firms support diversity in the workplace by becoming participants at DiverityLinkô.  These same organizations recruit diversity candidates for their career opportunities on an on-going basis and enhance that effort by posting those opportunities at DiversityLinkô.  If you need something that is not covered by our current job posting options please contact us via email or call 623-572-2793.

The most effective Internet recruitment ads contain activated links for web addresses and email responses.  These elements are included in our pricing so be sure to include them in your ads. 

Single Posting: (All Postings Are For 60 Days)

  1. A single posting is an ad containing one job description posted to a single category.

  2. Post  in one country

    • USA - $150.00 per "single posting"

    • All Other Countries = $50.00 per "single posting" 

  3. Post in multiple countries

  4. - Country price per ad as above -- 2nd country is FREE (Example: USA + India =$150.00) - 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc = $50 each.
  5. For placement in additional categories add $25 per category.

  6. Contact DiversityLink for pricing on ads containing multiple positions.

Multiple Postings Packages (USA) : (All postings must be submitted in one bundle.) Note: These discounts are not available through advertising agencies or job posting services. Pricing for multiple countries and categories subject to additional charges as noted above.

  • 2-5 postings = Discount of 10%

  • 5-10 postings = Discount of 20%

  • 10 or more postings = Discount of 30%

Unlimited Job Postings (USA) -- Price = $1200 per year + $25 per ad and additional charges for multiple countries or categories as noted above. Written authorization (via parcel post or electronic mail) is required for the purchase of this "package". The information required is the same as that  noted under "How To Submit Job Postings".  Fees for packages may be paid by credit card, as noted below, or will be billed upon acceptance of the order and are due and payable within 30 days of our invoice.  Late payment may result in the cancellation of the contract.

How To Submit Job Postings:

To submit job ads go to POST NOW or your job postings can be forwarded via email .  In addition to the text of the ad we require the following information --1) a purchase order number or other form of authorization, if utilized by your organization; 2) name, email address and phone number of the person responsible for the posting; 3) complete billing instructions including the name of the person with the authority to approve invoices; 4) a designated category [or categories] in which to place the ad, and 5) a designated country [or countries] where you wish the ad to be placed..

Ads will be posted within 24 hours of receipt. Clients with billing accounts will be invoiced promptly.  Our terms are 30 days.

We accept credit card payments, either Visa or Mastercard. 

** Please contact DiversityLink for more information.



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