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Date Posted
: October 18, 2017
Job Title: Director of Admission and Enrollment Management
Category: 02
Employer: Mirman School
Location: Los Angeles, CA


Mirman School is seeking a Director of Admission and Enrollment Management to function as a connected member of its Senior Administrative Team.  The Director of Admission & Enrollment Management is responsible for managing all facets of the admissions process in the school's effort to attract, enroll, and retain diverse and dynamic student population.

Mirman School is a K-8 independent school for highly gifted students with an enrollment of 330 students located in Los Angeles, CA.  It's mission is to cultivate the boundless potential of highly gifted children, nurture their passions and talents, and develop a diverse community of creative and constructive lifelong learners. 

Essential Job Functions:

  • Establish a forward-thinking strategic plan that supports the school’s mission through enrollment policies.
  • Contribute to the school’s mission and values as its ambassador,  by recruiting  and retaining students who will benefit from  the  school’s  unique  culture  and  programmatic offerings, and contribute  to  the  school  community.
  • Coordinate four essential  elements  to  ensure  a  competitive  admissions  process  and  the long-term health of the  student  body:
    • Admissions  management  ( the  tracking  of  prospective  students  from  applicant  to enrollment and beyond)
    • Student retention
    • Research  ( analyzing  data  that  affect  enrollment)
    • Marketing
  • Develop a strategic recruitment and communication plan to reach targeted audiences, including identifying and  implementing  best-practice  web-based  technologies.
  • Manage recruitment and  outreach  efforts:  develop  admission  marketing  strategies  and materials in conjunction with the Director  of  Marketing  and  Communications;  plan  and implement admission events such  as  Admission  Preview,  Parents’  Information  Night, and Parent Ambassador tours; and partner with diverse communities to conduct strategic outreach.
  • Oversee all aspects of  admission  process:  coordinate  efforts  to  test,  interview,  and assess applicants for all  grade  levels,  chair  Admission  Committees,  and  communicate admission decisions to applicant families.
  • Continuously examines Mirman’s admissions process  and  structure  to  make recommendations  for  improvement, particularly in  domains  related to  the  school’s mission of serving highly gifted students, advancement, inclusivity, and equity goals, in close coordination with staff members who oversee these areas.
  • Serve as advocate  for  Mirman  in the  larger  community:  visits  preschools  to  foster relationships with directors, represents  Mirman  in  organizations  such  as  ESAD (Elementary School Admission Directors)  and  CSSAD  ( Consortium  of  Secondary Schools Admission Directors) recruiting fairs  and  meetings.
  • Work with the team of psychologists conducting applicant testing in conjunction  with  the School Psychologist to ensure consistent testing procedures: ongoing communication with testers, provide sample testing reports to each psychologist, hold  bi-annual meetings  hosted  on  campus  to  review  testing  process  with team  of  psychologists
  • Work with the Parent Service League  to  welcome  new  families,  including  events  such  as New Families’ Orientation,  New  Parents’  Wine  and  Cheese  Reception,  and  the  Ice Cream Social and programs  such as Mentor Families, Student Ambassadors, and Parent Ambassadors.
  • Understand the school’s unique population, culture, and climate and the broader educational  environment.
  • Manage enrollment:  re-enrolls  current  students  in  conjunction  with  Business  Office, admits all new students, and is responsible for meeting enrollment  numbers.
  • Partner with HoS and CFO in Tuition Assistance processes and decisions,  being sensitive to economic, cultural, and other issues present in the enrollment of a diverse student body.
  • Oversee admissions  budget.
  • Supervise admission  staff  members.
  • Maintain all admissions records  and  files.
  • Communicate clearly and enthusiastically to all staff and prospective students.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in education, preferably in independent school admissions
  • Ability to think critically  and  creatively Demonstrated  leadership  qualities
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other school community members
  • Outstanding or and written communications  and  interpersonal skills
  • Warm personable and approachable affect

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