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Our Mission  ...........  "Bringing Together Diversity Professionals, Diversity Job Candidates, and Employers Around the World !"


Acceptance of Responsibility and Terms: The cost for a single ad is $195 (US Currency).  Postings to 2 or more countries receive a discount of $50. There is a $25 charge for placement into a second category. Terms for billing accounts are Net-30 Days. Submission of an ad represents acceptance of the cost and terms. You will  receive an email following actual posting of the ad.  Changes to ads are FREE if done within 24 hours of posting notification.

Note: All postings require prepayment by credit card ( either MC or Visa) or a valid, previously established, billing account at Pinnacle Business Services.

Single Postings:

  • I am submitting a "Single Ad" and wish to pay by credit card ( MC or Visa ) .............  NEXT  

  • I am submitting  a "Single Ad" and have a billing account ..................  NEXT

Multiple Postings:

  • Submit 6-10 ads at the same time and receive a 10% discount off the single ad cost. Submit 10 or more ads at the same time and receive a 20% discount off the the single ad cost.

  • Please submit your ads via Email as MSWord attachments. With each ad Include a job title, location, functional category or categories (View Categories), and country or countries (View Countries) in which ads are to be placed. If you have a valid account ID our invoice will be forwarded to you via email. Otherwise, instructions for credit card payment will be forwarded to you via email.

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