"The Meeting Place For Diversity Professionals,
Job Candidates, and Employers"

Our Mission  ...........  "Bringing outstanding female, minority and other diversity talent together with equally outstanding and proactive employers who have career opportunities"



DiversityLink.com, launched in 1997, is "The website that links females, minorities and other diversity candidates with proactive employers and search firms offering outstanding career opportunities around the globe ."

The  employers that participate at this website have affirmed their commitment to a diverse workforce and a culture that provides equal opportunity to all job candidates.  Each organization routinely seeks diversity talent.

Diversity candidates are invited to post their resumes at DiversityLink.com. Confidentiality is assured because contact information is tailored to the wishes of the candidate. Furthermore, employers and search firms must have "real positions" currently posted at DiversityLink.com to gain access to our resume database.

We continue to expand the features of this website and the services provided to candidates and employers alike.  DiversityLink.com is truly global  with 50+ individual "Country" websites to serve employers and candidates. 

Those employers and search firms wishing to affirm their commitment to diversity in the workplace are encouraged to become active participants at DiversityLink.com.




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